Words & Music by Paul Marsteller (except as noted)
Produced by Gabriel Rhodes
Executive Producer: Paul Marsteller
Vocals by Leah K. Manning and Paul Marsteller
All instrumental performances by Gabriel Rhodes,  except with:
Paul Marsteller, guitar - songs  7, 9, 11, 12, 15, 22, 25
Hunt Sales, percussion - songs 2, 5, 10, 16, 17, 21, 23
Brian Standefer, cello - songs   2, 3, 5, 10, 17, 21
Richard Bowden, fiddle - songs 11, 13, 21
"The Conscript" and "Red Skies"  co-written with Michael Hattem
"Do You Have To Go? /"When Will He Return?" / "What Now?"
and "The End Music" composed by Gabriel Rhodes
"Long, Long Ago" written by Thomas H. Bayly (1833)
Mixed and engineered by Gabriel Rhodes, Austin, TX
Mastered by Cris Burns, Austin, TX
Leah K. Manning's vocals recorded by Wild Arctic Studio & Let 'Em In Studio, NY
Art Design:  Paul Marsteller & Matt Strieby/Newleaf Design
Danza Flora drawing by Ray Driver

Thanks: Susan, Ray, Clare & Roger
And to all those that came from afar and brought us here,
and still whisper in our ear.