All lyrics by Paul Marsteller, except as noted






It's a new age

to a new world I'm bound


As we made land

I looked away and prayed

the ship would turn back again

Back to my home

where it's not so strange  

But I have to change


Here the sun rises

where it used to set


So I must be the one

that turns around,

and forgets all that I've known         

And try to feel less alone

and make this my home


It's a new age         

and a new world I'm in






With my hand in yours

we begin our dance

We feel so sure

as we take this chance


With you right here

from now on

All my fears

are gone


So side by side

we'll ride the tides,

Just like we sailed 

the ocean wide


We'll dance, we'll dance

on this our day

We'll dance, we'll dance

and forever hold each other just this way

Just like this,

just like this we'll stay


With my hand in yours,

Always and ever








This beautiful land,


In fields so green

we begin our dream


My love she blushes

He speaks in hushes

Tender with all touches


These beautiful days

we have shared

Like blossoms of Spring

Floating in the air


White doves sing their songs

in the early morning

So we can't hear 

the cannons way out there






7.  THE CONSCRIPT (Marsteller & Hattem)

The dawn breaks

as my heart aches for home

The red sky rings battle cries, 

         a clarion call             

to do what I must, 

whatever the cost 


Oh, this harm I'm in 

never ends,

as I rise for the day

and step out in line

                   to shoot at my brothers,                  

To keep up the fight, to keep the fight




8.  WHEN WILL HE RETURN?  (Gabriel Rhodes )




From my lookout I search the night

but the gathering clouds snuff out the light

So I don't seea glow from my own country


Our tattered flag flails above

its colors now look like blood    

                 But what I most fear                  

No angels are here


So I raise my head up

and look skyward         

Clouds open to show me 

         the glow of the stars             


Now I can retreat to the light 

     from the shadows below        

Now I can see 

my way home





He must be out there somewhere

         beyond the clouds, at sea           

With that long, last look he gave

He'd bid farewell to me   


Some say that he could always see

way beyond what others see

Right now he's sure to be

looking back at me


Gone to the sea

      that's where he must be         

Where he'd be free

But, too far away from me


He must be out there somewhere

out where he had to go

One day I'll see him,

            one day I'll know               




11.  GO WEST




From far away to here    

for nearly a year

Crossed mountains, deserts and seas

That's how we came to be

in California


From far away to here

      through blood, sweat and fear      

We are pioneers

to this last frontier


We build where we live 

Some warned us

 but we made it here,

We made it here

to California


A long way here

a hard way here

But we're here,

in California


From far away we've come to here

we've come to California






I can still smell my Dublin roses

though it's years since I sailed away to here

They don't grow at all in this miner's town

where dust is the only soil around


We danced in the moonlight back there,

and sang as loud as we dared

But here it's the gold,

dancing in these hills, 

that gives men's hearts a thrill


So I stand out in the dark night air

and look towards my green isle back there

Take a deep breath,

I whisper a prayer,

And pray for the day that I can return

and wash all this dust from my hair 


Now I dance in the moonlight, 

the moonlight so fair

And pretend that I'm back there 

and haven't a care in this world


Then I dance in the moonlight, 

the moonlight so fair

 And pretend that I'm back there,

and haven't a care

in this too big world 


14.  LONG, LONG AGO (Thomas H. Bayly -1833)

Tell me the tales that to me were so dear,
Long, long ago, long, long ago,
 Sing me the songs I delighted to hear,
Long, long ago, long ago,

Now you are here all my grief is removed,
Let me forget that so long you have roamed
Let me believe that you love as you loved,
Long, long ago, long ago.

Do you remember the paths where we met?
Long, long ago, long, long ago.
Ah, yes, you told me you'd never forget,
Long, long ago, long ago.




I bought my ticket,

goodbye, San Francisco!

Where singing made me a star


Oh, the men stared 

and the women glared,

 I left that saloon back there

To go, down the coast,

towards Mexico


I rode that train

to my new job in San Diego,

teaching Indians about God


Those Mission walls 

were way too tall     

So I made my plans to go

to Mexico,






17.  RED SKIES  (Marsteller & Hattem)


When Spanish ships first came

the native world changed

Eagles vanished from sight,

the silver bays turned dark and quiet


Under stars and sun

Their people ever on this shore

Fathers, then their sons

But from this day, nevermore


Red skies be their guide

Take them from this shore to find

A new home, a new home






In Mexico, a bullfighter

swept me off my feet,

   A tragedy - 

                                                                                                           he loved that life more than me


On Fiesta days,

as the Pasadoble is played

    I sit alone in the plaza

for him I'm afraid


The deadliest time 

is the bull's arrival at five,

when the sinking sun

dazzles his eyes


My matador stares

when the clarions blare

Then it's just God, and the bull,

facing him there


I watch from the stands

again and again

Will red carnations or his blood 

be left in the sand?




19.  WHAT NOW? (Gabriel Rhodes)




He robbed our stagecoach,

held a gun on me

And though the night was moonless

we still could see

That we were meant to be


His trail ended in a Baja jail

Oh, I wrote him there

In our letters our truest selves we shared


About his robberies this he swore,

he took what he needed, nothing more

Now he's stolen my heart forevermore


The day he escaped, he wrote me this song:

"Think of me long,

think of forever,

For soon we'll be together,

always and ever"


So now I wonder

will his words he keep?

Or will love end in sorrow?

Oh, how my heart leaps

Is he the true one for me?



If that fickle moon
hadn't come back so soon
I might have missed
just how good you look tonight

Like this desert in bloom
and the roses outside our room
shimmering white 
under the blue moonlight  

And if those flowers could get up and dance
they couldn't thrill me like you can

When I look into your eyes
they're like a prism
where I can see
all the colors I've been missing 

And if those flowers could get up and dance
they couldn't thrill me like you can





I wait at the first table in the courtyard cantina

under a canopy of red bougainvillea 

I hope he can see me,

hope he will be here


The wrought iron lanterns

sparkle light on the entering faces,

I hope I will see his

But I don't see him

Don't know if he still cares


It's been a year since he left town        

                       He left with a whisper                                 

The last time the gardenias bloomed

was the last time I was in his room


His letters were warm when they came,

but tonight I feel something's changed

I wrote him I'd be here

But I don't see him,

I don't see him




23.  THE RIDER  



Hurry to me,

The torn letter said,

Hurry to me



it leaves at 3,

85 pesos

and cracked leather seats


Red sun

Red sun burns slow

Six days

through Mexico



always and ever"

That's how it ended

I folded the letter


And there in the moonlight,

a rider tracking our stage

My husband!

Come to take me away!




24.   ALWAYS & EVER 


After all this time

you're finally here

When I look in your eyes

all that time disappears


All these feelings

from all these years 

Like colors captured in crystal  

in a chandelier


With my hand in yours

we begin again,

Like we said

on our wedding day,

Just like this

we'll stay


Always and ever,

Always and ever,

Always and ever,

Always and ever



26.  THE END MUSIC (Gabriel Rhodes)




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